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Internationally Educated Medical Radiation Technologists

Welcome to the CAMRT website for internationally educated medical radiation technologists (IEMRTs) wishing information on assessment of their credentials and eligibility to write the CAMRT entre-to-practice certification exams.

Readiness Self-Assessment Tools

To help the IEMRT in making a decision to live and work in Canada, the CAMRT has developed Readiness Self-Assessment Tools for IEMRTs. These are online tools that help the IEMRT assess if they are likely to meet requirements to practice in a Canadian context, and what the Canadian work environment looks like. The tools provide information and guide the IEMRT through a self- assessment for readiness to work in Canada.



How to Write a Competency-Based Exam

The CAMRT entry-to-practice certification exam is a competency-based exam. Emphasis is placed on the application of knowledge in the practice environment and exam questions are asked from this perspective.

An interactive online module has been developed as a new tool to tell exam candidates more about competency-based testing. The module provides the following information.

  • Becoming certified to practice in Canada
  • Competency-based education and testing
  • The value of competency-based learning as a model that meets the needs of the workplace
  • Sample exam questions that compare knowledge-based and competency-based questions
  • The development and scoring of national certification exams
  • Tips and strategies for writing the exam
  • An evaluation of the module

Click on link to access the module:


Practice Exams

The 100 question practice exams for each discipline are developed by the CAMRT as an exam preparation tool to assist candidates who intend to write the national certification exam in the disciplines of Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, Radiological Technology and Magnetic Resonance. The fee gives access to the practice exam for a total of five (5) times.

Purchase the practice exam



Exam Preparation Courses

CAMRT has developed three online exam preparation courses to help IEMRTs prepare for the national certification exam.
  • Exam Preparation Course 1: Radiographic Procedures and Pathology
  • Exam Preparation Course 2: Patient Management
  • Exam Preparation Course 3: Radiographic Equipment and Imaging

The course fee is $350 for each course. Log in to the My Certification page for more information and to register for the courses.

For those who have completed one or all of the exam preparation courses, the CAMRT would appreciate your feedback. Please take the time to complete the evaluation survey at

The CAMRT is the certifying body for the entry-to-practice credential, and the national association for the disciplines of:

Before granting access to the application process for writing the certification exam, IEMRT’s must apply for an assessment of their education credentials, language fluency and work experience.

The IEMRT must first determine in which province they wish to practice.

  • IEMRTs who wish to practice in the province of Ontario, Alberta or Québec must be assessed by the regulatory authority in that province. 

  • IEMRTs who wish to practice in the province of Saskatchewan must first contact the SAMRT provincial office to determine eligibility for credential assessment by the CAMRT. Contact: SAMRT, #218 - 408 Broad St., Regina, SK, S4R1X3, Phone: 306) 525-9678 , Email: .

  • IEMRTs who wish to practice in British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador or the northern territories must apply to the CAMRT for assessment of their credentials.

See National Guidelines for Assessment of Credentials of IEMRTs

Potential to Prosperity

Newcomers and those planning to move to Canada are encouraged to consult Potential to Prosperity, an online guide to advancing your career in medical radiation technology in Canada . Created by the Canada Foundation for Economic Education in collaboration with CAMRT, this guide includes informative videos and links to all the information you will need to start and succeed in your career in Canada.

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